Over 5,000 Stakeholders Surveyed
Over 5,000 Stakeholders Surveyed
Statistics are based on a study of 860 PMs and over 4,000 stakeholders who participated in a 360 degree survey
Only 18 PMs Qualified as
Only 18 PMs Qualified as "Alphas"
Find out how Alphas outperformed the other 98% and how PMs can improve performance
Learn From Top PMs Across Industries
Learn From Top PMs Across Industries
Get inside the minds of top managers across diverse industries and understand their practices, attitudes, and secrets.
Eight Major Areas Explored
Eight Major Areas Explored
This book uncovers eight areas where "Alphas" stand apart - such as Attitude, Communication, Leadership, and more

“I loved this book. It points out weaknesses in my project management approach as well as strengths and will help me improve in the future.” – Matthew, June 2015

About the Alpha Book

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Alpha Project Managers: What the Top 2% Know That Everyone Else Does Not

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Debunking misconceptions surrounding successful project managers, this source builds upon a landmark survey of more than 800 project managers from around the world to highlight the traits that make them stand out in the minds of their teams, senior managers, customers, and stakeholders. Through in-depth interviews and discussions, the common attributes of these elite project managers—from character and beliefs to organizational approaches—are uncovered and help to explain their achievements.

This groundbreaking book tells you what the Alphas know about:

  • Attitude – Find out how the top managers maximize their authority on a project, and the impact that has on senior management.
  • Focus and Prioritization – Discover why the Alpha project managers are ranked as being nearly twice as responsive as the other 98% of project managers and the two techniques they use to manage priorities to make their projects more successful.
  • Communication – Learn why 94% of all project managers rank themselves as being better communicators than their stakeholders do and four ways for turning that around.
  • Approach- Unlock how the Alpha project managers plan differently on their projects, and how they use domain expertise and a hands on approach to make their projects more successful.

And more—Find out how the top project managers leverage relationships, conflict, alignment, change management, leadership, and much more to manage projects with better results than their peers.

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About the Author

In 2002, Andy Crowe, a leader in the IT project management industry, left his high-profile career to combine his passion for writing with his in-depth knowledge and experience as a Project Management Professional (PMP). He wanted to empower others to learn project management in a simple, dynamic way that also encouraged personal and professional growth. As a result, Andy has published one of the most respected books in the industry, The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try, which has been reprinted 27 times in five editions and sold more than 250,000 copies worldwide.

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Among other titles, Andy is also the author of The PMI-ACP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try, and Alpha Project Managers: What the Top 2% Know That Everyone Else Does Not. Fluent in both English and Spanish, Andy is a prolific writer and speaker with a focus on project management theory, curriculum development, and instructional delivery. He has taught classes in C++ for Microsoft University and advanced technology courses for the U.S. government, and he has served on Microsoft’s .NET international advisory committee.

Andy is the founder and CEO of Velociteach, a project management training company based in Kennesaw, GA. He is a PMP, a Program Management Professional (PgMP), an Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP), and a Six Sigma Black Belt.

  What Readers Have to Say…

“This is a must read book for every program and project manager and should be included in their organization’s library.” – Dennis Bolles, PMP DLB Associates

“If you want a book that draws distinctions between great project managers and mediocre ones—distinctions that may surprise you—read this one. One huge “a-ha!” for us: The alpha project managers are rated much more highly by their peers on communication, even though they don’t spend any more time communicating. Want to know why? Read it.” Heath Brothers Newsletter 2015 (Chip and Dan Heath, authors of Switch, Decisive, Made to Stick)

“Great book to follow for experienced PMs. Useful and inspiring if you want to increase your acuity in Project Management” – Roland, June 2016 (Amazon)

“I like the structure, where the focus is on what the top 2% does different and with good examples and quotes. It offers insights to the critical success factors … and some hints to how to improve. Definitely worth a read…” – Jacob, March 2016 (Amazon)

“Five Stars. Superb read for project managers in the making” – Puneet, February 2016 (Amazon)

“I liked how this book focused, in a clinical way, on the differences between the study’s overall population and the alphas. The explanation of the methodology also helped me slot the findings into my own experiences. This was a very insightful and helpful book. My biggest takeaway is the observation that leadership and management are different things. Wow. This explains so many of my struggles.” – Jim, October 2015 (Amazon)

“Exactly what I wanted. Gave me some metrics regarding good vs. great project managers.”- John, September 2015 (Amazon)

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