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Neal Whitten- Microlearning Medley: Holistic Approach to Learning

Neal Whitten- MicroLearning Medley of Popular Topics and Essential Skills

About This Course

Are you looking for a microlearning experience that addresses a wide variety of the most popular and hottest professional development topics on projects and in the workplace? If so, Neal Whitten’s MicroLearning Medley is the course for you! Class participants pre-select their favorite 10 topics from a list of 20 topics. These 60-90 minute sessions or “bursts” are standalone opportunities to enhance your professional and personal development.


The seminar contains 10 bursts (or session topics) pre-selected from a list of 20 potential topics, and the overall agenda is as follows:

  • Welcome
  • Objectives for seminar
  • Presentation of 10 bursts over 2-day course
  • Seminar quiz
  • Top takeaways identified by attendees
  • Course wrap up

Duration: 2 days (7 hrs./day)

PDUs: 14 (1.50 Technical, 9.50 Leadership, 3.00 Strategic)

Neal Whitten – A Proven Leader

Neal Whitten – A Proven Leader

With over 35 years of front-line leadership, management, and training experience, Neal Whitten is among the elite in the field of project management.  He has shared his expertise with thousands through his professional development seminars and is the best-selling author of seven books.

The Power of Partnership

The Power of Partnership

Neal Whitten and Velociteach have collaborated to bring you an unprecedented set of both Live Training and Online courses.  Learning from their collective expertise in project management leadership and personal development will take your career to an all-new level.

Earn Your PDUs

Earn Your PDUs

You worked hard to earn your certification, so don’t let your effort go to waste.  Velociteach’s courses can be claimed for PDU credit with The Project Management Institute (PMI)®. So not only will you leave our courses with new skills, you’ll have a certificate for PDUs that can be applied toward maintaining your certification status.


Course Benefits & Objectives

  • Personalize your training needs by choosing the bursts that best serve your team
  • Participate in multiple skill and knowledge area training sessions within a single seminar
  • Describe the key lessons from each burst through its summary takeaway sheet
  • Note: Each burst has its own learning objectives that are described in the downloadable PDF.
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Burst Topics Available:

Are You Too Soft?; Dealing with Difficult People; Building Your Self-Confidence; Drive Innovation with Disruptive Thinking; 7 Steps to Successful Conflict Management; Creating Client Satisfaction Surveys; Effective Negotiation Skills; Behaviors to Master When Dealing with Your Leaders; Effective Time Management; Effective Mentoring; Top Mistakes in Conducting Lessons Learned; Achieving the Elusive Work-Life Balance; What Makes a Team Member Valuable?; No-Nonsense Advice for What’s on Your Mind; Escalate is Not a Dirty Word; Behaviors that Lead to Exceptional Performance; Successful Change Management; Top Reasons Why Projects Fail and What You Can Do to Avoid Failure; Self-Assessing and Improving Your Performance Maturity; and Introduction to Agile Scrum. The takeaway seminar notebook includes all 20 bursts.

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