Exam Strategy – Opposites Attract

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To earn a PMI Certification, you must pass a standardized, multiple-choice exam.  That rule applies to the PMP®®, CAPM®®, PgMP®, PMI-SP®, PMI-RMP®, and Agile certification.  The more familiar you are with how multiple-choice exams work, the more likely you are to be successful on the exam.  So, let’s talk about another aspect of this type of exam.


Opposites should attract your attention. For each question, you will be presented with 4 unique answers lettered A, B, C, and D.  You’ve got to pick the best from the 4.  One strategy is to look for 2 answers that are opposites.  If two options are contrasting each other, chances are one of them is correct.

Here comes the fine print: this is one of many tips – another means of searching for the best answer.  Don’t put on blinders, searching for opposites while ignoring the other 2 answers!  You’ve got to read and consider all 4.  However, opposites should attract your attention.