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153 I remember Robert Blake in the role of Detective Tony Baretta saying to Fred the Bird, “And that’s the name of that tune!”

Think about reading a question on the PMP® Exam.  There should be enough hints for you to “name that tune,” or select the correct answer.  Sometimes the selected answer may convey what you know, other times your selection may convey what you think.  Your confidence is bolstered when you answer a question based on what you know.  You can see the hints and the caveats in the question, you sense why it is even on the exam, and you nail the correct answer down tightly because you know.

Not every question will fit this mold.  But the more you know, the more questions will fall into this category.

Here’s a fact that you can know.  You can hold on to it with confidence:

A very common input to many of the 42 processes is the Project Management Plan.  The plan is a formal, single document that guides the execution, control, and closure of the project.  Knowing this definition allows you to know which processes the plan serves as a common input:

The PM Plan is used as an input:

  • 0 out of 2 Initiating processes
  • 0 out of 20 Planning processes
  • 8 out of 8 Executing processes
  • 10 out of 10 Monitoring & Controlling processes
  • 2 out of 2 Closing processes

Wow!  That is clean, clear, and concise!  Since the plan guides execution, control, and closure of the project, note that ALL of those types of processes use the plan as a guide – as an input.  Not a guess, not vague, not iffy, not some of the processes – ALL.  Something you can know and trust as you sit for the PMP® Exam.

Now you can name that tune in just three notes:  P – M – Plan !

“And that’s the name of that tune!”