The King’s Speech – reveals How to Pass the PMP® Exam

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I highly recommend this marvelous movie: The King’s Speech.  Winner of 4 Academy Awards and based on a true story, The King’s Speech will entertain and inspire you.  As a bonus, this movie reveals an effective preparation strategy.  Lionel Logue served as speech therapist, coach and enduring friend to the Duke of York, who later became King George VI, king of the United Kingdom.  Logue used several techniques to help the Duke of York manage and overcome his stammering and severe speech impediments.  As they prepared for one particularly prime-time speech, Logue took the Duke of York to the site – put him on location, right to the spot where the Duke of York would deliver the speech.  Brilliant move!


This strategy is backed up by research; here’s a quote from the Social Psychology Network: “When studying for an examination, the most effective approach is to closely simulate the behavior you’ll ultimately be required to perform.”

At Velociteach, we leverage that simulation strategy.  Our online learning course in InSite is named Pass the PMP® 4th Edition.  We built the course to simulate the actual testing environment…the look and feel…the exam question content…the user interface.  We’ve designed it as close to the real thing as possible.  We call this area of the course the Testing Lab.  If you’re interested, you can watch a brief video to see how it works.

Whether you’re preparing for a nerve-racking speech or a brain-twisting PMP® exam, simulate the required behavior and your odds for success go up!