How to Fail the PMP® Exam: Iguanas and Godzilla

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126 The family escaped to a beach in MX for some R & R.  While relaxing, we shared space with these iguanas.  They are prolific in the area…along the sidewalks, near the pools, on the golf courses…everywhere but in the rooms!  Iguanas are so ugly, that it makes them cute (…many people say the same about me).  But, I’ve got to give it to them: iguanas are very cool lizards.  By reptile standards, these guys are huge.  Most of the ones we saw were from 18 to 24 inches long.  And, they look like some prehistoric beast from Jurassic Park…you can imagine a 500-lb angry iguana slowly advancing on your stalled vehicle, tongue flickering; eyes unblinking; locked in on its next meal…a nice, juicy human!  Ok, I’m only teasing.  Relax. Ease your fears: iguanas are vegetarians.  You are officially “off” the iguana meal plan.

Our imagination can get the best of us.  When he was a boy, my friend saw the movie Jaws and became deathly afraid of sharks.  For months, he refused to swim…even in a neighbor’s pool where you don’t normally encounter great white sharks.  His fear took hold of an active imagination and made him irrational.

The same can happen with standardized tests.  When taking the PMP® or CAPM® exam, you will experience fearful moments.  Self-doubt, worry, and apprehension will creep into your subconscious at some point during this marathon exam. If you’re not careful, your brain may play tricks on you.  Using our lizard analogy, consider this formula:

Cute Iguana + Irrational Fear = Godzilla Eating a Train.



Your imagination may transform a small lizard into a fire-breathing Godzilla that leaves you paralyzed by fear.  “I don’t understand the question.  All the answers sound the same.  I’m going to fail.” That’s a natural reaction.  So, prepare for it.  Manage it.

My advice: don’t be paralyzed by fear.  You should “practice, practice, practice” prior to the exam.  Simulate the testing environment as close as possible.  We built our online Testing Lab in InSite with this thought in mind.  We’ve tried to simulate the look, feel, and content of the exam questions as much as possible.  And, the good news is that we’re adding more practice questions to our database!

Don’t be paralyzed by fear.  Be assured that sharks are not in your neighbor’s pool, and iguanas are not baby-Godzillas that will grow up and eat you some day.  And, you can prepare for and manage the exam anxiety just as you would any other aspect of the exam.  Preparation leads to success!