Surfing and The PMP Exam

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119 The PMP Exam requires courage and hope…and sometimes, it requires a second or third effort to reach the goal.  I applaud those who have failed on the first attempt, got back up, studied even harder, and passed this difficult test!  You have my respect.

Over the weekend, our family watched the movie Soul Surfer – it shares the heroic story of Bethany Hamilton.  Bethany nearly died at age 13 when she was attacked by a shark and lost her left arm.  At the time, she was a rising star in the surfing world and completely committed to the sport.  The story focuses on her rehabilitation and dogged determination to get back in the water and riding the waves.  With the support of her family and friends, Bethany recovered, overcame any fear of the ocean, and returned to her passion – competitive surfing.

Bethany Hamilton’s story is compelling and inspiring.  Her comeback is extraordinary and the road to recovery is rich with life lessons that we can all apply…young and old.  To those who took the PMP exam and failed, take a lesson from Bethany.  If the certification is important to you, pursue it with passion.  Put in the extra work.  No, it’s not fun, and people may look at you strangely or even tell you to quit.  Ignore them. Stay focused; seek advice and coaching; pursue your goal!

At Velociteach, we’ve had many Students come to us who have just missed on their first attempt.  With some guidance from us and a lot of hard work from these Students, we’ve all celebrated when they got back up and passed that test!

For you overcomers, you have my complete respect.  Well done!