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108 Latest news from PMI’s Certification Dept.

Yesterday, we reported that some PMP exam scores were calculated incorrectly.  Some Students were notified that they failed, and then told they passed.  Today, we’ll share news from the PMI Certification Department on that topic.  Here are some common questions and answers they’ve shared with us:

How do I know that I really failed this exam? What are my next steps?

Extensive efforts have made to ensure the exam score is valid, including a quality check of individual examination results. No additional validations are necessary beyond the measures we have already taken.

I feel that I should get a refund or discount for this inconvenience, how can this be done?

Since you have received a service, PMI will not issue a refund or additional discount beyond what can be received as a current member.

I paid for an exam prep course and they have indicated that I should challenge my PMP exam results through PMI? What are my next steps?

There is never a guarantee that an individual will pass the exam regardless of training or preparation.  Some candidates may need more than one opportunity to sit for the exam to achieve a passing score.  We encourage you to use the materials from your prep course to
assist you in your remaining attempts (if applicable). If you have questions about the training you received, we encourage you to contact your training provider.

I am being told now that I passed instead of failed. How do I know this will not change?

This is the final result.  PMI has taken the necessary steps to ensure these results are accurate. Your name will be added to the PMP directory shortly (if you have authorized this).

Will the content/domains on my examination report change with the rescore?

No. The scoring process error only affected your overall pass/fail result, not the domain proficiency levels calculation.

Kindly contact if you need additional clarification.

That’s the latest news from PMI – hope this helps!