The PMI-ACP Exam is ready…are you?

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97 January 31, 2012.  The PMI-ACP Exam is available for qualified applicants.  The exam is back on – you can take it now!  PMI completed the pilot program at the end of November, 2011.  Then, we experienced a blackout period so that those mysterious psychometricians could perform their magic, tune the exam, set the passing score, and torture those who were anxiously awaiting the exam.

Your wait is over.  Finish the applicationSchedule your exam.  StudyStudy more!  Pass!!

Practicing true JIT delivery and some agility, we’ve just launched a course in InSite to help you prepare for the exam.  It’s called PMI-ACP Exam – Practice Test A and offers an online testing experience that closely simulates the Prometric testing center.  The course delivers a set of 120 practice test questions…all multiple-choice with 4 possible answers, clear explanations, and you can access it immediately.  Best of all, these questions were written by PMs who have taken the actual PMI-ACP Exam and passed.  The writers have earned the PMI-ACP credential.

Did you list the PMI-ACP credential as a personal goal for 2012?  Then, get on it!!  Let’s go!