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79 Be prepared for complex, multi-level questions on the PMP Exam.

Early this week, we heard back from a Student who passed PMI’s PMP exam.  This Student performed well, scoring “moderately proficient” in 4 of 5 Process Groups and “proficient” in the 5th.  The Student was surprised by the amount of time required to think through the situation, process, technique, or tool and then figure out what question is really being asked, and then find the right answer.  That level of complexity takes time.  It requires concentration.  And, it requires mastery of the subject matter.

The Student attended a Velociteach live class where we make use of mind maps as a method for memorizing key data.  His feedback: “The mind maps are vital.  You must learn them and learn them in your head.  It helps when you are being asked which tool, technique, process, etc.”

When you’ve got those facts from the PMBOK Guide firmly implanted in the brain, you are better equipped to unravel and solve the complex questions of this notorious exam.