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68 25 PMP Questions that cost you nothing.

Think you are ready for the PMP Exam?  Let’s see.  Test your knowledge and test-taking savvy on these questions.  We’ve got 25 free questions waiting for you.

Here’s how to get them:

  1. Go to our online Pass the PMP course.
  2. Select 1-Day Free Trial ($0) in the checkout box from the dropdown options.
  3. You’ll be prompted to enter your information to create an InSite Account.
  4. Once checkout is complete, you can login and find the Pass the PMP (6th + Agile) FREE Trial listed under “Course Keys”.
  5. Activate the course key and enter the course. You’ll find the challenge in the Testing Lab.  25 questions, answers, and explanations.  A timer.  An interface that’s just like the real exam… Am I making you nervous?

How did you do?  

If you performed well, congratulations – go schedule your exam.  Go now!

If your confidence is shaken, we can help.  We’ve got 4 online courses that are ready whenever and wherever you are.

Need a little help?  We recommend PMP Exam – Practice Test A.  The course gives you exactly 200 practice test questions in a simulated environment.  These are delivered in the Testing Lab with all the same functionality as the 25 free questions you just took.

Learn more: https://courses.velociteach.com/pmp-exam-practice-test-a/

We also offer Practice Test B, Practice Test C and a Practice Test Bundle which provides 15% off all 3 practice tests.

Need a lot of help?  Sign up for our 4-day boot-camp.  It is the best.  Want a self-paced, online course? Or a more affordable option? We recommend The Complete PMP Exam Prep Bundle.  This online bundle includes access to the full Pass the PMP exam course and 3 additional practice tests at 20% off. Takes a deep dive with over 1200 practice test questions and more than 18 hours of Classroom lessons.  It covers all Inputs/Tools/Outputs for all 49 Processes.  And, we guarantee that you’ll find it entertaining.  If you need the 35 education hours for the application, you can earn them all here in this course.

Learn more: https://courses.velociteach.com/the-complete-pmp-exam-prep-bundle/

25 PMP Questions for free.  You’ve got nothing to lose.  Give it a try!