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July 31 is the date of the new PMP Exam

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Let’s remove any mystery or confusion.  The PMP® Exam will change on July 31, 2013.  July 30 is the last day you can take a 4th Edition PMP Exam.  Starting Wednesday July 31, the PMP Exam will be based on the 5th Edition PMBOK Guide.

No exceptions.  Read this paragraph carefully.  No candidate will be allowed to sit for the 4th Edition PMP Exam after July 30.  (Keith Rosenbaum of PMI made this point clear in the PMI REP LinkedIn thread that he moderates.)  If you are a Student studying for the PMP Exam, keep this in mind and plan accordingly.  As you know, a Student has 3 opportunities or attempts to pass the PMP Exam in a year.  However, if that Student prepares for the 4th Edition and fails the exam prior to July 31, the only exam the Student can take after July 30 is the 5th Edition.  No exceptions.  Please be aware of this risk and schedule accordingly.

PMI posted this schedule for updating its certification exams:   (Note: no change planned for the PMI-ACP at this time.)


24 responses to “July 31 is the date of the new PMP Exam”

  1. Ed Gambrell says:

    When will Andy’s 5th edition be available for sale?

  2. Eric B says:

    Will you be creating flashcards for test v5?

    • Andy Crowe says:


      Yes. I just sent them off for production as a matter of fact. It takes a bit of time to print and package them, but that is now officially underway! I’d suggest you look for them to hit shelves around the time the exam cuts over (the end of July).

      Thanks for your interest!

  3. Jeff Chen says:

    That’s great news, Andy! I want to get a hold of the 5th edition book ASAP when it’s available.

    Is there a way to know when it’s available on Amazon?


  4. Loredana Marmora says:

    Hi Andy, I am not able to find the 5th Edition of you book. Is it available for purchase? If so, where can I buy it?
    Best to you

  5. Oscar Figueroa says:

    Hi Andy or Staff,

    Please could you or someone from your Staff tell me if you have available a delta training on In-Site web training to explain the difference between PMP 4th Edition and the new PMP 5th Edition to be effective on next July 31st, 2013.

    Currently, I am registered and using the access key code # the In-Site with the PMP 4th PMP Prep Exam course until September of /2013.

    I appreciate all your help and assistance on this matter.

    Please advice.

    Oscar Figueroa

    • Andy Crowe says:

      Hi Oscar,

      Thanks for your question. Are you asking if we have any training on the changes between the 4th and 5th editions?


  6. Justin A Isaac says:

    Hi Andy,

    Waiting for your 5th Edition. Any tendative date of release?


  7. Mani says:

    Hi Andy,
    I bought The PMP Exam: How to Pass On Your First Try 4th Revised Edition on May 2013 and I’m planning to write exam on Sep-2013.
    So I need the new changes available in Fifth edition. Please let me know if any document available related to new changes in Fifth edition.


  8. Valerie Johnson says:


    I was ready to take the test at the end of July but my family had a sudden tragedy. PMI rescheduled me and now I’m trying to decide if I need to buy all new study materials to pass the new exam. I’ve spent so much money already purchasing CD’s, flash cards and the course. Which none of this is refunded to me.

    Please advise.

    • Andy Crowe says:

      Valerie, so sorry for your family’s tragedy. Why don’t you call my office so we can determine the best approach. If I’m not in when you call, ask for my email address, and we can correspond that way.

  9. Bola Adesope says:

    Hello Andy,
    Great stuffs you are doing. Awesome stuff.
    A very quick one, I am preparing to take the PMI-RMP credential and have been so difficult getting study materials for the updated exam. All the materials i got both online and offline are referring to the 4th edition of PMBoK that doesn’t correlate with the new exam.,
    Can you recommend any for me?
    Thanks in anticipation

    • Andy Crowe says:

      Hi Bola – the expert in our organization on RMP is Bob Mahler. I am sure he could provide some direction. I’ll ask if he can weigh in on this.

    • Bob Mahler says:

      Hey Bola,

      As Andy implied, I’m the expert in Risk for Velociteach! Or that’s what I keep telling Andy.

      When I prepared for the exam I found Rita Mulcahy’s book entitled, “Risk Management, Tricks of the trade for PMs.” to be very helpful. I also used the PMBOK knowledge area of Risk, as well as the Practice Standard for Risk Management. I downloaded it for free from PMI as a member. Pay attention to the practice standard as it lists more tools than the PMBOK does!

      If you’ve been studying I wouldn’t worry too much about the minor details. I find the Risk exam to be very straightforward and not nearly as focused on trying to trick me as much as the PMP. It felt heavy on risk response and EMV. I found it to be a very common sense test because I had studied quite a bit.

      Please email me for anyquestions you might have.


  10. Erick H says:

    Question: I just finish several courses of undergraduate work with the PMBOK 4th ed. I imagine that there should not be any major differences between the 4th and 5th edition. Are there major differences in the test now?

    • Andy Crowe says:

      Erick, there are differences. I would not categorize them as “major”, but there certainly are changes the test taker would want to know about. The exam is regularly evolving and changing (more frequently than the PMBOK Guide).

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