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New Testing Lab and an Apology

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52We have great news…but first, I owe some of our Customers an apology.

Recently, certain InSite Students have been a victim of a design flaw in the Testing Lab of our PMP prep course. If you are one of those Students, you have my sincerest apology.

Here is what was happening: some Students would take a practice test, work through the questions and answers, end the exam…and the results were lost. That instance is incredibly frustrating and should never happen. To complicate matters, it was random – we could not predict when it would occur.

Not only was the instance random, but it was very rare. However, in recent weeks, the instance of lost results began to crop up more frequently. The release of new browsers seemed to expose a design flaw. Our team became concerned and escalated the issue to the top. Because of the challenges of tracking the issue across various browsers, operating systems, and bandwidths, the designers soon realized the best solution was a permanent solution. We needed to ditch the old Testing Lab, design and build a new one.

Great news! Today, we’ve launched a completely new, redesigned Testing Lab. There are numerous improvements, but the single, most important enhancement is this: your results will be saved. If you are taking an exam and you lose your connection to the internet, close the browser, lose power, or whatever…we are saving your progress every step of the way. When you return to InSite and enter the Testing Lab, we’ll give you the option to complete that test…right where you left off. Your partial test results are saved.

You requested other features, such as the ability to review only those questions you missed, or “Peek” at an answer before completing the entire exam. These options and many others have been added to the new Testing Lab. And, the design is built to work on any browser or environment.

We are thrilled to have this new Testing Lab launched and available for your use. To all who were impacted by the instance of lost results on old tests, I am truly sorry.

Now, we can turn our focus to the development of more PDU courses and the launch of PMP and CAPM prep materials aligned with the new 5th Edition PMBOK Guide!

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