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50 “Do you have a category for (he) rocks?!” 

That Student quote is one of several that I shared with our Velociteach Instructor Team at the summit this year at Lake Lanier Islands Resort.  Our purpose was to review materials and collaborate on changes for the pending change to the 5th Edition PMBOK Guide.  (The PMP Exam changes 31 July.)  But, I had to spend some time showering our amazing team with praise.  Just check out this sample of Student quotes that I pulled from Course Evaluations:

“Great instructor – one of the best ones I have had during undergraduate, graduate, and CPE courses!”

“It was amazing.  (Instructor) was fun and funny while keeping us focused on the serious topic of learning.  (Instructor) was a great counselor and mentor.”

“(Instructor) was excellent in keeping things flowing and use of real-world, relatable examples.”

“I had a wonderful experience.  I feel prepared to take the exam and pass since I know how to study the material now & received a great education.  (Instructor) is awesome & a great instructor.”

“Instructor was lively and class was interactive.  (Instructor) did a fantastic job.”

“I would recommend this instructor to everyone!”

The women and men who make up the Velociteach Instructor Team are the best in the business – they are the top-performers – they are masters of their craft!

I had the pleasure of awarding 2 instructors – Harold and Greg – for achieving a major milestone.  These guys have delivered more than 500 days of excellence in the classroom!   Well done!

Our team enjoyed learning from each other, sharing tips and tricks, and diving into the 618 Inputs, Tools, and Outputs found in the beloved PMBOK Guide, 5th Edition.  (PMP Nerds, we are…)  We also enjoyed sharing stories from the classroom, playing some golf, and watching the Braves notch another win at Turner Field.

I tip my hat to this team of Instructors – you are the best!