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Dominican Republic PMI Congress

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bp 39Last weekend I was in the Dominican Republic to speak at the PMI Congress there. I had never been to the D.R. before this trip, and the whole experience was wonderful. The all-inclusive Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Punta Cana was the best conference venue I’ve ever experienced.

There were 10 nations represented, and I was able to reunite with friends from Panama, Costa Rica, The Dominican Republic, and the USA (Luis, Eunice, Isis, Barbie, Pedro). By the time I left, I had many new friends from the DR, Argentina, Ecuador, and the USA (Angela, Miriam, Edgar, Alejandro, Sabrina, Marc, Andy, Jonathan, Liliana, Ana, Carlos, and many, many others) to add to that list.

My talk was on the Alpha Study of project managers, and during the Q&A session that followed, the PMI Region Mentor from Panama suggested that we replicate that study with a group from Latin America. This is a tantalizing proposition and one that is going to get a lot of consideration in the coming days.

Another note about the D.R. From the moment I landed, it seemed like they really wanted visitors. There was even a live band playing in customs. I have been in many places in Latin America, but I cannot recall any so overtly welcoming and friendly.

Kudos to the Dominican PMI Chapter for a highly successful and well-organized congress. I’m already missing the sand and the sea.

3 responses to “Dominican Republic PMI Congress”

  1. Eunice Duran says:

    Yes, my dear Andy! That’s my country: two open arms and a big smile with warm heart and rhythm in the soul for friends who want to visit.

    Thank you for coming to our country to share your experiences and be motivating inspiration for our professionals who want to achieve certification of project managers.

    As Luis Fasano, also I think it would be interesting to compare cultures of project management according to your study of the Alpha, because in fact, as soon I met the study two years ago, the first thing that I asked me and I wanted to know was if I would qualify or not as a Alpha Manager according to the parameters of the model, which makes me think that is perhaps what we all want to know.

    Glad you value your experience favorably in Congress and Hotel, the truth is that your comments are honored because as you say you could compare similar experiences and, thank God, we surpass your expectations.

    The white sand lined with a strip of coconut trees and the blue-green crystal of our beaches, along with all of us yours Dominicans friends hope to see you again

  2. It was a pleasure to meet Andy, and sharing his presentation about Alpha Project Managers. I hope to visit Ecuador soon.

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