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Braves vs Falcons – a battle for Resources in Atlanta

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ATL-Braves-vs-Falcons Have you ever managed a project where you battled others for scarce resources?  Those resources may be human… you needed the best DBA, architect, or business analyst.  Or, those resources may not have a heartbeat… things like materials, equipment, or supplies. 

Here in Atlanta, a battle is brewing for resources.  That clash is between two major professional sports franchises: the Atlanta Braves vs the Atlanta Falcons.  Both are undertaking mega construction projects to build new stadiums.  Both projects will be taking place at the same time with “grand openings” scheduled for 2017.

Check out these plans:

The Atlanta Falcons (National Football League franchise) plan to open the 2017 season in a new stadium – projected cost is $1.2 billion.  The Falcons announced their plans March 7, 2013.  Details  The price tag bumped up $200 million in Oct.  Details

The Atlanta Braves (Major League Baseball franchise) plan to open the 2017 season in a new stadium – projected cost is $672 million.  The Braves announced their plans Nov 12, 2013.  Details  Friday, the Braves closed on the purchase of property for the new stadium.  The Braves paid about $34 million for 57 acres.  Details

Both projects are huge and complex.  They involve all the hot topics that make the headlines: big money, politics, wealthy owners, taxes, sports, media…it’s all here.  And, the fact that both construction projects will take place at the same time adds more pressure.  Due to the demand on resources, the sponsors will likely face higher resource costs than originally estimated. 

Think about it.  What if your company landed a huge contract that would stretch your resources…  Then, 1 month later, your company wins another contract just as large as the first!  Great news…but, how are we going to do this ?!?

This battle for resources will be interesting to watch.  I hope the project managers are well compensated – they will be working hard for the money!

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