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Mojo from Maslow

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bp32Does your team need some mojo?

Do you need to baste, infuse, marinate, or somehow apply a secret ingredient to spice up the performance of your project team?  Yes?  Then, I’ve got a book for you.

Get a copy of PEAK, by Chip Conley.  In his book, Conley describes how he injected mojo from Maslow  to save and transform his company.

Conley defines mojo as that “secret ingredient that gives life and vitality to your organization”.  Along with his team, Conley explored Maslow’s classic hierarchy of needs in search of mojo.  His thought: what happens if we apply this pyramid to our company? 

At the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy, you find self-actualization…what Conley refers to as “Peak Experiences”.  Peak Experiences are those elusive, double-rainbow moments that are difficult to produce.  Maslow described those peaks as “moments of ecstasy” when all seems right in the world.  Everything fits into place.  In basketball terms, you are “in the zone”.  You can’t miss.  Every shot goes in.

Give my team that mojo…now.

How do you get your team members in the zone?  How do you create peak experiences?  That’s difficult…however, Maslow states …one can set up the conditions so that peak experiences are more likely…”   Ah…so, there is hope!

In PEAK, Conley describes how his team used Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs like a road map to explore 3 relationships: employees, customers, and investors.  The challenging question: are you focused on meeting the needs at the bottom of the pyramid … or the top? 

Great food for thought!  Grab a copy of PEAK.  Get your mojo from Maslow.

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