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Neal Whitten, PMP and Velociteach

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Neal-Whitten Velociteach is proud to announce our collaboration with author and thought-leader Neal Whitten, PMP.

Last fall, I had an epiphany.

I was in New Orleans sitting in a lecture hall at the PMI Global Congress 2013.  Much to my amusement, Neal Whitten was creating problems.  Neal’s popularity was an issue!  About a dozen breakout sessions were being offered during the time slot, and Neal’s presentation sold out.  Organizers responded by moving the session into a larger room.  The group of attendees quickly filled that room beyond capacity, so the organizers scrambled again, moving Neal’s session into the largest room available.  We still managed to pack that room, but no fire codes were broken.  Neal dealt with the interruptions gracefully and presented with excellence that morning.  Attendees left the room with fresh ideas to implement and a handout of Neal’s famous “Power Snippets” as reminders to post on desktops.

Back to my epiphany.  While sitting in the audience, it hit me.  We need to take this marvelous content and make it available anytime, anywhere to project managers.  Neal Whitten was speaking and the overflow crowd was soaking up every concept.  Neal stands out because of his unique combination of experience, spot-on advice, and superb ability to communicate clearly.  Neal’s action items lead to better project results.  His advice and Power Snippets resonate.

Backstory.  From day one, the team at Velociteach has admired Neal’s body of work as an author and thought-leader.  Andy Crowe, Louis Alderman, and I have always held Neal in high regard.  We are fueled by a similar passion: helping project managers get better.

After experiencing my breakthrough moment at Global Congress, I began pursuing options with Neal to collaborate and to share his content with the world.  I’m pleased to announce the first fruits of that collaboration: the launch of the Neal Whitten Series.

Now, your team members can experience Neal firsthand without traveling to an event.

  • We collaborated with Neal to deliver his content in InSite.
  • Listen and watch as Neal offers his no-nonsense advice.
  • Print and save Neal’s Power Snippets.
  • Take notes.
  • Watch the courses on an iPad or tablet or smartphone.  (You’ve got Neal in your pocket now – take him with you!) 

We are proud to partner with Neal and pleased to make his advice and wisdom available to you and your team…anytime, anywhere.  Invest in yourself.  You will not regret it!

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