What Happens After You Pass the PMP Exam?

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bp 9 What happens after you pass the PMP® Exam?  You celebrate!!  You party like your hair is on fire.  You dance just like Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon.  You shout ecstatically from the top of your lungs, until your voice is reduced to a squeak of air…or the neighbors call the cops…whichever comes first!

Once you’ve passed this difficult PMP Exam, your life changes for the better.  Take advantage of the opportunities.  Follow the advice from our Students:

  • Apply for better positions in your company.
  • Order new business cards and add “, PMP” on the end of your name.
    • Some refer to this as “PiMPing out your biz card”; however, that terminology is not found in the PMBOK® Guide.
  • Remember to update your resume and Social profiles … like LinkedIn.
  • Now that you qualify, apply for those new, dream jobs!
  • Ask your boss if you can step up to lead more challenging projects or teams.
  • Look for opportunities to join cross-functional teams where you’ll serve as the PM voice or SME.
  • Frame that credential and display it proudly in your office.
  • And, yes, add reminders to your calendar to earn your 60 PDUs!

What happens after you pass the PMP Exam?  Good things.  Many, many good things!