How the PMP Certification Makes Careers Soar

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bp 22 May is a month filled with graduations, ceremonies, and rites of passage.  Last Friday, our extended family was in Annapolis celebrating my nephew’s graduation and commissioning from the Naval Academy.  Whether he spends his career in the military or in the private sector, Quentin can look back to May 23, 2014 as a significant milestone.  On that day, he earned his degree from the Naval Academy.

Now, I’m not comparing the PMP® certification to a university degree.  When I cleared the PMP, I was thrilled; however, the Blue Angels did not perform a fly-over like I saw last Friday.  (PMI: I’ve just given you a great idea…go for it!)

How does the PMP certification make a difference in your career?

Once you’ve earned that PMP certification, you have a degree of value that will make a difference in your career.  Here are three, big PMP certification benefits that our Students have reported back to us:

I kept my job because of the PMP certification.”

For many of our Students, their job requires that they earn the PMP certification.  These folks are under a lot of pressure in our class.  Understandably, a lot is riding on this standardized test.  A strong performance is mandatory.  “I’ve got to pass the PMP to keep my job.”

I got a new job because of the PMP certification.”

This is a happier topic – the PMP certification opens new doors.  Separates you from the pack.  Makes your resume “pop”.  Those three letters may make the difference in your candidacy versus others.  Think about it…if the manager’s hiring decision has come down to two equal candidates, is she more likely to select the “PMP” or the one without the credential?

I’ve earned a new level of respect because of the PMP certification”

You may have had a long, successful career as a project manager, but you get the “Rodney Dangerfield” treatment around the office.  No respect.  Some of our Students pursue the PMP certification so that they will be recognized as a subject matter expert in this domain.  They feel that their career is a bit stale.  They are looking for affirmation or legitimacy as a project manager.  Professionals in other fields seek out credentials for similar reasons—accountants, attorneys, and financial planners.  The PMP certification lifts the project manager to a new level of professional respect.

Back to the question: Does the PMP® certification make a difference in your career?   Student’s response: a resounding YES!

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