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bp21 The PMP Certification is the leading professional credential–the stamp of approval–for career project managers.  But, is the PMP Certification right for you?  I’ll help you answer that question.  But, we’ll need to consider two follow-up questions:

Is “project manager” a good fit?  Ask Mark Langley.

If the role of project manager fits you like a glove, the PMP Certification is a no-brainer. Let’s take a look at the skills and competencies attributed to successful project managers.  And, let’s go to the source: Mark Langley, President & CEO of the Project Management Institute (PMI).

In 2013, I attended the PMI Leadership Institute Volunteer Planning Meeting.  In Mark Langley’s presentation to the group, he shared the most important skills & behaviors identified for the next-generation project manager.

The Top 6 Skills for a Project Manager:

  1. Align team to vision
  2. Exemplify integrity
  3. Influence stakeholders
  4. Negotiate successfully
  5. Inspire the team
  6. Establish vision

Consider that list above.  Does that sound like you?  If it does, you will probably be a Project Manager for life. It makes sense for you to pursue the PMP Certification. Don’t delay. Get it now.

Do you think like a CEO? Ask yourself.

If you aspire to run your own business or be a CEO someday, the PMP Certification is right for you.

Why?  Because project managers are hardwired to see the big picture.

Project managers understand how all elements of a project are tied together.  PMs anticipate how those small pebbles of change may cause ripple effects to remote areas of the project environment.  (For the PMBOK® Guide nerds: think about Integration Management.)

Similarly, CEOs live in a strategic world of the “big picture”.  CEOs understand trees and fish.  But, CEOs focus on forests and oceans.

Successful PMs learn the art of delegation, recruiting winning teams, providing opportunities and rewards, building strong relationships, and delivering results.  The best PMs run their projects like they own it.  Described in this manner, “CEO” and “PM” seem interchangeable, right?

Not convinced?  Look back at Mark Langley’s list of Top 6…  The list reads like a position description for CEO, with an emphasis on leadership and soft skills.

Again, if that sounds like you, you should pursue the PMP Certification.  Get it now.  Haven’t you heard? The PMP Certification Makes Careers Soar, and we can help!

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