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I’ve been at Velociteach for about seven months now, and I can wholeheartedly say that today has been one of the most rewarding work days I’ve experienced thus far.

But before I dive in, let me give you some background! Part of the Velociteach mission statement says:

We strongly believe in the value of giving back to the community through acts of service. Every Velociteach team member is encouraged to engage in community service. To that end, we have a policy allocating 5% of paid time to these efforts. Serving the community is engrained in the DNA of Velociteach.”

Today, our Velociteach team ventured out to the home base of a great organization called Must Ministries. Must runs a summer lunch program where volunteers gather together to purchase, pack, and deliver lunches to children in the Atlanta area. These children are those that usually will eat free/reduced cost lunches during the school year, but may not have access to a lunch when school is out during summer break.

Our team had the honor of packing the lunches to prepare them to go out for delivery tomorrow. In an assembly line fashion, we packed the sack lunch meals. Funny enough, I felt a competitive spirit in the air as we all rapidly moved through our tasks among the assembly line (I Love Lucy anyone?). Down the hall, our CEO Andy Crowe cracked jokes by relating this to project management. For example–“Casey, are you in charge of quality control?”
It was a win-win for us! Give back, and have fun doing it!bp 19

The other volunteers were all very kind, and so dedicated! They work so hard, day-to-day, some with YEARS of experience under their belt. It’s an uplifting sight to say the least. Personally, the opportunity to give back my own time to someone else is an amazing feeling. At the same time, I had a chance to work together with my coworkers. We’re a team in the office, and that carries through in our community service ventures as well. The entire experience is exactly why I love Velociteach. Our core values are something to be proud of, and the result of this foundation builds leadership, value in the community, and teamwork.

What are some experiences that you’ve had with volunteering? I’d love to hear some of your own stories!

— Casey Pittman

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