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World Cup reminder: Communicate with Passion!

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Two young men watching sports competition and drinking beer.

In the role of project manager, we present information to audiences quite often.  Here’s a reminder: if you have something to say, communicate with passion!  Say it like you mean it.

Monday I was driving to work and listening to the 7am news on NPR (National Public Radio).  The voice on the radio was professional and smooth as she reported the current events.  Then, she reads the following: “Overnight in sports, the United States Soccer Team defeats Ghana two to one.”    wonk, wonk, wonk.  Bueller, Bueller.

The voice was flat, emotionless…sounded like she was reading financial results from an annual report.

Given that I’m typing words on a screen, it’s hard for me to emote adequately here… (I should use ALL CAPS, I suppose?)  I watched the USA/Ghana FIFA World Cup match, and it was THRILLING!  The clinical, detached tone of the reporter did not portray the news accurately.  She took the joy right out of it…like a deflated soccer ball with no bounce.

Side note: if you need a good laugh, watch the Simpsons explanation of soccer…for those who love it, and those who don’t.  The video is 63 seconds long…be sure to watch the last 15 seconds, and note the difference in 2 commentators!  Here is the link.

Passion and energy are prerequisites for our Instructors.  We guarantee that you’ll never fall asleep in a Velociteach class!  Our Instructors take great pride in keeping a class focused on the objectives and fully engaged.  The team loves the challenge of transforming dry material like that found in the PMBOK Guide into something memorable and even entertaining!

This week, one of our Instructors received a “Thank You” card.  All the Students in his 3-day class signed the card with messages of appreciation.  Check out a few of the quotes:

  • “Thanks!! Best class ever!”
  • “Enjoyed every minute!  Valuable & fun.”
  • “I must admit you are AWESOME!!!”
  • “One of the best trainers I’ve ever had.”
  • “You were the consummate professional, making a very dense topic easy to understand & fun to learn.”
  • “I have been taking classes most of my life, and you are by far one of the best.”
  • “You were awesome…humor with knowledge & education”
  • “Best ever”
  • “I thought you are by far the best teacher I’ve had.”

To top it off, this was a weekend class.  The Instructor really had to bring it to keep people engaged!

Bottom line –> if you’ve got something to say, say it with passion!


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