Who Wants an $18,500 Raise?

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bp 17 I shared salary data for project managers in a recent post, PMP Certification: Show Me the Money! The gap in median salary for those who hold the PMP certification was significant.  $18,500.  That was the difference in annual pay.  PMPs earned on average nearly twenty grand more than their non-credentialed peers.  Nice!

Would you like to be making $18,500 more tomorrow than you are today?  (Sign me up!)

Let’s put this in perspective, and I’ll go ahead and confirm your suspicions that I’m a gray-haired dinosaur right here.  When I started my first job out of college, my ENTIRE SALARY was really close to that gap amount.

So, if you are considering a pursuit of the PMP certification but you’re not sure if it’s worth it, this stat is for you.  Just do it – pass the PMP exam, earn the PMP and get a raise!

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