What Happens if I Don’t Pass the PMP Exam?

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Young Student Stressed and Overwhelmed asking for Help

With proper studying, determination, and commitment…you can pass the PMP exam! In some cases though, you’ll have the studying, determination, and commitment and still fail. That’s simply the nature of test-taking, especially for an infamously difficult exam.

Worst case scenario, you fail. Of course, this is going to be disheartening. Let yourself be upset—that’s okay. You put so much time and effort in, it’s perfectly normal to wallow in that for a bit. However, when I say “only for a bit”, I mean that. Taking the leap to sit for the PMP exam is alone, something to be proud of. There are numerous reasons as to why you failed, but don’t focus on that. Starting the process over seems like it could be exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be. Switch gears and start thinking about what you can do differently this time around. Perhaps, change up your training. For example, maybe you studied with online resources, so next time around see how much more you learn in a classroom environment. You’ll be more engaged in the material if you try something new.

At Velociteach, in the instance of one of our live class students failing the PMP exam, that LAST thing we would do is leave you hanging. Our goal is to pick you back up, and get you those “PMP” letters the second time around! We ask our students to let us know when they fail, and to send over their scores. From here, our experts will construct a personal study plan based on the scores. This can be anything from making a framework of study areas to focus on, accessing online material, or auditing a class depending on the situation. We want to be your coach, and your cheerleader to get you to PMP status!

Bottom line, failing the PMP exam simply gives you more of an experience when you approach the exam the second time around! Discover your weaknesses, and turn them into your strengths. You CAN do this!

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