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Oracle Open World 2014

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bp 0Everything about Oracle Open World 2014 was top shelf. From check-in to the appreciation event held on the last night of the conference; Oracle did an extraordinary job hosting each attendee with delightful hospitality, aweing technology, and beneficial offerings which entertained an array of diversity.

My favorite experience from the conference was exploring the Expo Hall.  There were hundreds of exhibitors which contained people from different countries and industries all over the world. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people, learning about new technologies that I was unaware of existence and building relationships with those who shared similar interests.

On the second day, my attention was drawn towards one booth that had a gentleman dressed as Albert Einstein posing and taking pictures with conference attendees.  If that’s not a conversation starter, then I don’t know what is!  As I began talking with him and another representative from their organization, we discovered they had an interest in our agile training and eLearning. With my newfound project management outlook on life, this resonated with me. Not because of their interest in Agile, but more so in how they were running their booth. The team was communicating well and their booth stood out amongst a sea of vendors. It was clear that they had a great handle on every aspect of their booth ‘project’.   A side recommendation to other businesses looking to draw attendees to their booths, take notes!

On the last night, Oracle threw an appreciation concert which consisted of free transportation, inclusive food and beverages; and one of the coolest venues I’ve ever seen a show.  This San Fran venue featured a Ferris wheel and the Bay Bridge in the backdrop of the performance.  Not to mention, my colleague and I got to see Aerosmith and Macklemore about six rows back as they rocked Treasure Island until the Thrift Shop closed for business.

My colleague and I had such a memorable experience at Oracle that I already inquired for details for next year’s Open World.  See you there?

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