The Online PMP Prep Course Experience: Breaking the Myths

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bp 3 I can almost guarantee that you’re either horrified by the idea of an online class, or you’re ready to jump on board. There is rarely an in between, mostly because people learn in different ways. Some thrive when they’re at a computer, while there are those that need a traditional classroom environment to be engaged.

I don’t want to chop it down to a generational thing. By age, I am considered a millennial; therefore I should love all things technology. However, I thrive more in a lecture environment. My mom (I’ll leave her age out of this), is the most computer-savvy person I know and she would jump at the chance to option an online class.

So again, it’s all about what works for you!

Online PMP Prep Course Myths Debunked:

Many PMP prep courses are moving towards a virtual class experience. I think a lot of people are hesitant about this for a number of reasons. Based on what I know about the Velociteach virtual course let me break a few myths for you:

  1. MYTH: “There won’t be an instructor live and available to answer questions.” Of course there will be a live instructor! Better yet, he/she is right there going through the class with you and will never be pre-recorded. You’ll even have the option to “chat” and “raise your hand” which notifies the virtual instructor.
  2. MYTH: “Sitting at my computer screen watching PowerPoints all day is boring” Don’t worry, this is the top concern when it comes to integrating an online course. In the Velociteach virtual course, you will see the SAME content material on your screen that you would if you were sitting in one of our classrooms. There’s a chance to interact, ask questions, and frequent breaks. We’ve got you covered.
  3. MYTH: “Too many distractions occur in a virtual environment.” Yes, distractions can occur but keep in mind there are also distractions in a live classroom. Have you ever taken an in-class exam and had to hear a faulty air vent or a classmate sneezing the entire time? Essentially, it’s easier to avoid distraction in a virtual course because you have most of the control of the environment. Choose a quiet, comfortable spot where you know you can focus. During break times, get up, stretch and walk around. And the best part of being the only student in your learning environment? No one will judge you for showing up in your pajamas!

The benefits of a virtual course easily outweigh the concerns. To learn more about the Velociteach boot camp, take a look here!

Share with us your virtual training concerns—let us debunk the myths!