Achieving Your PMP Goals: New Year, New You!

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bp 6 With Christmas not quite here yet, it may seem a bit overzealous to start talking about New Year’s resolutions. Call me spirited, but let’s address it anyway! I love this time of year, because there is this change in the air that promotes positive change. We’re thankful in November, celebrating in December, and soon setting goals for ourselves in January. There’s no better time to start making changes in your life than this time of year (just ask all the people that sign up for gym memberships on the first day of January)!

If you’re like Vaibhav, one of our Facebook followers, then you have set yourself a common goal amongst project managers—clearing your PMP exam. Now is a great time to envision your PMP goals for the year. Create a time frame: Choose a month or two for training and studying, and schedule your exam around that. Having a date set for your exam makes it real and this is a great motivator. So get creative! Do you see yourself being PMP certified by August? Well start envisioning yourself lying out by a pool, reading your materials and then make it happen!

Perhaps when Santa is making his list in 2015, you’ll have “PMP” at the end of your name. Happy studies and Happy New Year!