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The Handy-Dandy PMP Boot Camp Preparation Checklist

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bp 4As you are probably already aware, the road to PMP can be quite the lengthy one. In instances like these, the best tool to get me through the process is creating checklists. There’s that amazing sense of accomplishment that comes from noting a completed task.

So, in effort to make things easier (and to give you the joy of accomplishment), I’ve created a checklist for students attending the Velociteach PMP Boot Camp.

PMP Boot Camp Checklist:

___Spend some time on InSite. Your instructor will give you some recommended guidelines. Follow his/her suggestions, and venture on through the material if you’d like.

___Begin your PMP application. Your progress is saved along the way, so don’t worry about completing it all in one sitting. We’ll help you out if you get stuck.

___Arrange your calendar accordingly. For the 3 days in PMP boot camp, you will live and breathe PMP. The less distractions you have, the better.

___Prepare for your first day of class. If you’re attending virtually, check your computer’s compatibility. If you’re attending a classroom session, check out directions and get a clear idea of your route.

___Make note of your instructor’s contact info, as well as the Velociteach office number (1-888-568-2527)

I’ll save the cheesy “Come to class ready to learn” point, because I know you’re already on board with that! Other than these points, leave the rest up to us!

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