Why the Right PMP Boot Camp is Worth It

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bp 5 A couple days ago, I posed a question to our social media audience: What is holding you back from taking a PMP boot camp? I was curious, and this curiosity stemmed from a blog I happened to stumble upon. The blog listed The 5 Reasons Not to Take a Boot Camp.

I should mention first that I am, very much so, a pro-boot camper. I think it’s the most efficient way to prepare for the PMP exam. So, with that being said, I wanted to argue the main points that were driven in the aforementioned blog.

Reason #1: PMP Boot Camps are expensive!

When I asked our fans what held them back from attending a PMP boot camp, the majority answer was cost. Rightfully so, our finances are always something that influences our purchase decisions. However, it’s important to look at the price and understand what you’re gaining with that purchase. Most boot camps satisfy all 35 contact hours for the exam. Just another thing you can check off your application headache of a to-do list. Secondly, a quality boot camp provides materials within the cost of the class. With the Velociteach PMP boot camp as an example, you’ll have access to resources like eLearning, textbook, audio books, flash cards, practice exam questions, and more. Look at it this way, this class could potentially be your ticket to a successful PMP exam. Does the cost of the class justify your need for the PMP certification?

Reason #2: PMP Boot Camps are inconvenient! (and) Reason #4: PMP Boot Camps have limited schedules and openings!

PMP training companies cater to just the opposite of this. They will do everything to keep a course current, and convenient to a student’s location and time. Many companies offer the class virtually as well, so students can attend in a webinar setting right from home.

Reason #3: PMP Boot Camps focus on memorization! (and) Reason #5: PMP Boot Camps focus on passing, not learning concepts!

Yes, memorization tactics are a component of boot camps, but in my opinion, this is a crucial way to prepare. The goal of a boot camp is to prepare you to PASS the exam. Therefore, the course is going to do its best to get you on the right strategy to do so. Memorization tools are needed in remembering the knowledge areas, processes, inputs, outputs, etc. listed in the PMBOK guide. Well-structured boot camps make sure to incorporate every learning style in their instruction. Instructors have seen it all, and they know exactly how to lead the material in a way you’ll retain when you’re sitting for the exam.

(Check out Velociteach’s unique mind map learning principles!)

I will admit a boot camp choice can definitely be situational. If the opportunity is there, though, I encourage you to take it! Imagine going in to the PMP Exam with the memory of three days of instruction at your advantage.

Those of you that have taken a boot camp, would you agree? What reasons would you give someone that had an interest in attending a boot camp?