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What motivates one to attain their Project Management Professional (PMP) ® Certification? Velociteach wanted to know and our findings may just inspire you to reach for your certification as well!

There are many, many reasons and benefits as to why one should obtain their certification, but the following are the top three survey results from our successful students:

Career Advancement
The top reason our students look to become PMP certified is for their professional growth. Students often find that the PMP Certification is a requirement to move forward and advance their careers. Whether it is to be promoted or to get the interview for that perfect job, the PMP certification makes a resume stand out.


Many of our students found that once they achieved their PMP certification, they were more respected as professionals. This is because the PMP certification is recognized world-wide as the standard. Obtaining a PMP certification truly cements the validation of their education. Employers look at this certification as a label of trust, experience, and knowledge.

Salary Increase

Obtaining a PMP certification opens many doors of possibilities, and this includes the possibility of a salary increase. Many PMP professionals find themselves moved up in line for promotions and raises soon after earning their certification. According to the Project Management Institute’s 2015 Salary Survey, those who have achieved their PMP certification make on average 20% more than their colleagues without the certification!
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Still not convinced PMP is right for you? Check out our short video on the value of PMP certification