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       “But how much time is this really going to take me?” As the Student Success Coordinator, this is a question I get quite often. Aspirants who are excited to earn their PMP Certification will dive into the process of researching the PMI PMP application. They download the PMBOK® Guide for free after they have become a PMI member, start reading, and soon become overwhelmed.

That’s when I get the call asking for a reality check. “There is so much to know. I work full-time, and I have a family! I am not sure if I have the time. How long does it actually take to be prepared for the exam?”
This is a challenge many aspirants face. My response: “Yes, there is so much to learn, but it does not need to be learned all at once! Yes, this will take a good amount of time and stir up your routine, but this is a project! It is unique and temporary.”

The next common challenge aspirants face is still related to time. “I am not sure my manager will allow me off for a whole four days.” This is a very valid predicament, but one way to approach this situation is by helping the manager see the benefits of taking a four-day class rather than no class at all.
First, the class itself truly has the ability to cut a whole month’s worth of studying out. The classes are comprehensive and focus on the material that will most definitely be seen on the exam so it helps the student really focus in on the most important material.
Secondly, having an employee with their PMP Certification will help them run projects and teams more smoothly. They will want this implemented as soon as possible. My suggestion would be to ask your manager if the class can be viewed as and counted towards your required training hours for the year.

A statement that sometimes follows this situation is, “My manager wants me to use my vacation days for part/all of the class!” When this happens, it stinks! We all value our vacation days and see them as gold, but this is where the student needs to ask themselves this: “What is obtaining this certification worth?” The reality is this, this will be one year that you have to sacrifice a few days. The result? You will be in line for promotions (where you may be qualified for even more vacations days) as well as completed a step that could open new doors to even greater opportunities! Our vacation days are precious but wouldn’t celebrating the achievement of obtaining your PMP on those remaining days make them that much sweeter?!

The PMP Exam is changing and time does fly. Consider reaching the goal of obtaining your PMP certification before the exam changes in the first quarter of 2018! Do you want to know more about our four-day PMP Prep class? Feel free to call me at 770-424-3535. Just ask for Karen, and I will be more than happy to speak with you!