Happy 15th Birthday, Velociteach!

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Written by: Alex Stoecker

Now’s the time to blow out the candles! It’s been 5 years since our last birthday blog post, and while we’re buried up to our necks getting ready for the 6th edition update of our materials, we’re still in the celebratory mood!

Since our last birthday post in 2012, we’ve been keeping busy. On top of continuing to provide students with top quality PMP courses, Velociteach has started its podcast show, Manage This, which interviews industry experts and offers free PDUs to listeners. We’ve recently expanded our catalog of E-learning courses and currently sit at around 50!

Velociteach has also been the recipient of several awards during the last few years, but there are two that we are especially proud of. We won PMI’s Provider of the Year in Continuing Education (out of over 1,600 Registered Education Providers worldwide!) in 2012. Most recently, we’ve been included in Training Industry’s 2017 Top 20 Online Libraries List.

Being new to the team and impressed with all of the recent achievements, I sat down with Andy Crowe to congratulate him on his company’s success and ask about what he’s learned along the way. Andy told me there are 5 things that he’s picked up on:

 Andy’s Insights

  1. “It’s not what you can do – it’s what you can sell. Earlier in my career, I was distracted by everything I thought I could do, and I constantly allowed myself to be pulled in a lot of directions. Then I became more focused on what the market actually wanted, and my business grew.”
  2. “Operational excellence needs to come before sales and marketing. I am not a believer in the “fake it ‘till you make it” approach. There are a lot of companies in our sector that claim to be the best, and they make those claims loudly and repeatedly. We played the long game of trying to be the best, and that approach paid off.”
  3. “The right team members make all the difference. Companies need a culture and a business proposition that attracts strong talent. People are more important than any other single factor.”
  4. “The journey takes longer if you stop to throw rocks at every barking dog. Do right by people, and tune out the detractors.”
  5. “I learned how to delegate. That is not to say that I only learned to delegate, but I got better at how I delegated and followed up.”

Andy has demonstrated that it’s never too late to stop learning, and as Velociteach gets older and continues to grow and win awards, it only validates his assertion. We will continue to apply the concept of Kaizen as we look ahead.

Happy Birthday, Velociteach!

In celebration of our 15th anniversary, all online learning (excluding PDU Passport subscriptions) and live classes will be 15% off October 2nd-October 5th!