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The time has come. The Project Management Professional (PMP) has officially changed over to the sixth edition and with that, comes many questions. One of these questions is what has Velociteach done to adapt to the change?

Part of being a great project manager is being able to adapt to change—not only adapt but to thrive and use change as an opportunity to make something great. Andy Crowe and his team have done just this. Velociteach is excited to say they have revamped all of their learning material from in-class content for the 4-Day PMP Prep courses to their online learning platforms.

So what should you as an aspirant expect? Let’s start with the basics. The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try 6th. Everything new in the PMBOK you will find in here. The difference? Andy has broken down what you should expect to be on the exam. How difficult is the information? How important is it to memorize or should you simply just have a firm understanding of certain content?  How important is the particular information to the exam? The answers are in this book.
This textbook is filled with diagrams, illustrations and charts to help the reader gain a better understanding of the content they are reading. Aspirants can even hear advice from Andy Crowe himself regarding major content sections through 60 short video links that are scattered throughout the book itself. This is the foundational tool aspirants should use to prepare for the PMP Exam.

Next is a favored-pairing with The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try—that being, The Quick Reference Guide. This is an extremely useful tool. A three-fold, laminated, six-page, high-level guide of all the Knowledge Areas and their Processes. Students will want to keep this handy while reading through the textbook. When reading the textbook, this tool helps prevent you from flipping back and forth through the book if you need a refresher on how you got to a point in a process. This tool is fantastic to also keep handy while on the go since it highlights key inputs, tools, techniques, and outputs but is lightweight and easy to carry around.



Speaking of tools that are easily portable, you can keep these next two in your pocket! The Audio Conversations and Flashcards are now able to be downloaded to your phone. Gone are the days of keeping up with your flashcards and 6-Disc audio set. Now you can listen to Andy Crowe, Bill Yates, and Louis Alderman converse about the PMP 6 material in an MP3 format. It is easier than ever to hear their thoughts and listen to their tips on how to approach the material. Our Flashcards have seen an upgrade as well. Now, all 250 cards can be kept on your phone as they are provided now through our flashcard app, PMP Flashcards Velociteach Pro. For our students who take the PMP Prep class they, will gain access for free through PMP Flashcards Lite (IPhone) or PMP Velociteach Flashcards Lite (Android). Don’t let the names fool you, these are the same 250 cards, they just come free with the class.

Our final supporting tool that is last, but certainly not least, is InSite, our online portal. InSite has been worth the wait as it has a complete makeover from the foundation up! When you enter the Pass the 6th Edition Exam online course (which you receive 6 months access to through our classes) you immediately are ready to review all ten Knowledge areas, Foundational Terms and Concepts and Framework. Also available on the same page for easy navigation, are ways to navigate to additional exercises and practice exams. It is a perfect pre and post class support tool!

Don’t fear the change, embrace it. Velociteach has your back! Contact us today to get started on your PMP certification journey and get prepared in the most efficient and effective way possible.