PMI® Changes the CAPM Certification

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The Project Management Institute (PMI) is implementing changes to the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) certification. Those changes involve 3 areas: (1) the application, (2) the exam, and (3) the PMP®
certification. Let me explain…

The Application. First, PMI is lowering the requirements to apply for the CAPM. As of August 28, 2019, applicants no longer need 1500 hours of work experience to qualify. Applicants must have a high school diploma (or equivalent) plus the 23 hours of project management education, but the requirements stop there. No work experience necessary.

The Exam. The CAPM Exam is changing! But, don’t be alarmed – this is a minor change. A small percentage of exam questions will follow 2 new formats. The first requires the test-taker to match the Process to the Process Group. (Ex. Create WBS is a process that belongs to the Planning process group.) The other new format asks the test-taker to choose multiple “correct” answers, not just 1. And, the instructions will indicate how many answers to select. That is a helpful clue! These new formats will be implemented in September 2019.

The important news: the CAPM Exam continues to be based on the 6th Edition of the PMBOK® Guide. That edition remains in place until 2021.

The PMP. If your ultimate goal is to earn the coveted PMP certification, pay special attention to this third change. Beginning August 28, 2019, those who hold the CAPM certification and are applying for the PMP Exam no longer need the 35 hours of education. PMI will waive that requirement. They recognize that you’ve been educated – that’s how you qualified for the CAPM Exam… and passed it!

That is the latest news on the CAPM!