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Updated 7/13/20 : The expected changes described below went into effect on June 18, 2020. The new PMP exam application is now available for candidates. To learn how to fill out your PMP application, check our new video

The Project Management Institute (PMI)® has announced a redesign of the applications for all eight of their certification exams, including the PMP Exam. This change is based on comprehensive user feedback and is intended to improve the application experience for candidates seeking certification.  The new application is expected to be available in the second half of June, 2020.  While the final application has not yet been released, here are a few of the expected changes:

  • Expedited submission and review time by
    reducing the number of screens from 30 down to 4.
  • More fields will be selection fields
    rather than free response text fields in order to reduce subjectivity.
  • Project experience will now be reported in
    months rather than hours. (36 months required as opposed to 4,500 hours)
  • Project experience will no longer need to
    be entered by domain (or process group).
  • Applicants will need to enter in the size
    of the project (budget and duration).
  • Applicants only need to provide
    contacts/references in the event of an application audit.

What does this mean for prospective applicants? Applying
for an exam through PMI just got easier! The largest change a candidate can
expect to see with this new application is the reporting of project leading and
directing experience. Where normally applicants would need to track their time
by hours then break it out by domain, they now can simply report the duration
in months, making the process similar to filling out a resume.

If a candidate currently has an application in
process, this changeover will cause minimal disruption. PMI encourages
candidates to submit open applications before these changes; however, PMI will
migrate in-progress application to the new format and request the candidate to
review their application before submitting.

Velociteach will continue to monitor the status of this update and will provide more information as it becomes available.  For additional information about these changes to the application, please reference this video from PMI.

These changes to the PMP application coincide with an upcoming change to the PMP exam itself scheduled for 1/2/2021.  More information about the PMP exam change can be found on the PMP Exam Change page of our website.  Bookmark the exam page and check back often for the most up-to-date information.