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What’s the NUMBER ONE essential project management book that every good PM should have in their library? Well, according to BollyInside it’s our very own Alpha Project Managers by Andy Crowe. Velociteach’s Alpha Project Manager book was ranked number one as the Best Essential Project Management Books. Not only did Andy’s book make the top of a very respectable list (Kory Kogan, Scott Berkun – we love you!) but we even topped A Guide to the Project Management Book of Knowledge, PMBOK Guide (WOW – what an honor).

The article reviewed 10 project management books and here is what Michael Smith had to say about ours, “Andy Crowe breaks down all the critical factors that make the best project managers achieve more. His research debunks the prevailing understanding of what it takes to be successful as a project manager.”

Andy Crowe’s book, Alpha Project Managers: What the Top 2% Know That Everyone Else Does Not, takes a look at the results of the Alpha study. This groundbreaking book tells you what the Alphas know about:

  • Attitude – Find out how the top managers maximize their authority on a project, and the impact that has on senior management.
  • Focus and Prioritization – Discover why the Alpha project managers are ranked as being nearly twice as responsive as the other 98% of project managers and the two techniques they use to manage priorities to make their projects more successful.
  • Communication – Learn why 94% of all project managers rank themselves as being better communicators than their stakeholders do and four ways for turning that around.
  • Approach- Unlock how the Alpha project managers plan differently on their projects, and how they use domain expertise and a hands-on approach to make their projects more successful.

And more—Find out how the top project managers leverage relationships, conflict, alignment, change management, leadership, and much more to manage projects with better results than their peers.

If you haven’t read this book yet, what are you waiting for?

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Want to earn PDUs while learning from the Alpha PMs in this study? Velociteach created an online course, Lesson’s from Top PMs, that introduces the study, the PMs and their groundbreaking advice that you can start applying right away.  

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