Alpha PM

Alpha PM

The Alpha Study

Imagine having access to the top project managers from organizations and industries around the world and having the chance to uncover what they do, how they approach their challenges and what they know. Andy Crowe was able to do just that with his Alpha Study that provided insight into the minds of top managers and their practices, attitudes and secrets.

Debunking misconceptions surrounding successful project managers, the landmark survey was comprised of more than 5,000 project managers and stakeholders from around the world and designed to highlight the traits of top performing project managers (top 2%) that make them stand out in the minds of their teams, senior managers, customers, and stakeholders. Through in-depth interviews and discussions, the common attributes of these elite project managers—from character and beliefs to organizational approaches—were uncovered and helped to explain their achievements. Painstakingly researched, the study offered key insights by providing multiple perspectives on the character makeup of the world’s most successful project managers.


Continuous Improvement

The majority of project managers generally share a common set of misconceptions about the knowledge and tactics that make the top performing project managers (“Alphas”) highly successful. The Alphas work approximately the same number of hours as everyone else, face the same challenges, and deal with the same difficulties; yet they manage their projects, teams, and stakeholders in a way that takes them far ahead of the pack.

We at Velociteach believe in Kaizen—continuous improvement. All project managers can incorporate the characteristics, skills, and successes learned from the Alpha study into their own management style to be more effective. Velociteach’s passion is helping you get there—and creating more Alpha’s along the way!

The Alpha Book

Want to learn more? Andy Crowe’s book, Alpha Project Managers: What the Top 2% Know That Everyone Else Does Not, takes a look at the results of the Alpha study. This groundbreaking book tells you what the Alphas know about:

  • Attitude – Find out how the top managers maximize their authority on a project, and the impact that has on senior management.
  • Focus and Prioritization – Discover why the Alpha project managers are ranked as being nearly twice as responsive as the other 98% of project managers and the two techniques they use to manage priorities to make their projects more successful.
  • Communication – Learn why 94% of all project managers rank themselves as being better communicators than their stakeholders do and four ways for turning that around.
  • Approach- Unlock how the Alpha project managers plan differently on their projects, and how they use domain expertise and a hands on approach to make their projects more successful.

And more—Find out how the top project managers leverage relationships, conflict, alignment, change management, leadership, and much more to manage projects with better results than their peers.

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