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  • PMP® 5th Edition

    Pass the PMP®
    5th Edition

    Self-paced PMP Exam Prep

    Contains audio/video tutorials, exercises, study aids, and 500 unique practice questions. (35 contact hours)

  • Practice Tests

    Certification Exam Practice Tests

    Full simulated exams help you prepare for PMI®‘s certification exams

    Practice in a testing lab environment that looks and feels like the real thing.

  • CAPM® 5th Edition

    Pass the CAPM®
    5th Edition

    Self-paced CAPM Exam Prep

    Contains audio/video tutorials, exercises, study aids, and 375 unique practice questions. (35 contact hours)

  • What's New?

    What's New in the PMBOK® Guide 5th Edition?

    Understanding changes to the PMBOK Guide

    Covers 4th to 5th edition changes to keep you current with PMI’s project process framework. (1.5 PDUs)

  • Best Practices

    Best Practices
    in Project Management

    Putting your PM knowledge to work

    Covers the best tips, tricks, and practical techniques for improving your project management skills. (5 PDUs)

  • Top Project Managers

    Lessons from
    Top PMs

    Learn from the Alpha project managers

    The top 2% of PMs identified in the Alpha Study offer advice and share keys to their success. (5 PDUs)

  • Mastering Scope

    Mastering Scope
    & Requirements Management

    Discover keys to controlling scope

    Walk through a structured system to understand and apply techniques for managing project scope. (12 PDUs)

  • Communications Excellence

    Communications Excellence: Driving Project Success

    Learn best practices in communications management

    Improve your communication skills and download tools you can use for your own projects. (10 PDUs)

  • - Neal Whitten - Exceptional Performance

    Neal Whitten - Behaviors that Lead to Exceptional Performance

    Make behavior choices that lead to success

    Neal introduces 18 important leading-edge, results-oriented behaviors that help you grow. (3.5 PDUs)

  • - Neal Whitten - Dealing with Leaders

    Neal Whitten - Behaviors to Master When Dealing with Your Leaders

    Discover how to meet your leaders’ expectations

    Learn behaviors your leaders need you to know to hone your skills and improve your performance. (3.5 PDUs)

  • - Neal Whitten -
    Too Soft?

    Neal Whitten - Are You Too Soft?

    Find willpower to make tough decisions

    Neal teaches ways to assess your too-soft history and improve your decision-making skills. (2.5 PDUs)

  • - Neal Whitten - Escalate

    Neal Whitten - Escalate Is Not a Dirty Word

    Learn how to effectively use escalation

    Neal will teach you how to successfully leverage escalation as a healthy business tool. (3.5 PDUs)

  • - Neal Whitten - Team Member Value

    Neal Whitten - What Makes a Team Member Valuable?

    Identify keys for building successful teams

    Neal shares behaviors and actions necessary for team members to perform at their best. (3.5 PDUs)

  • - Neal Whitten - Performance Maturity

    Neal Whitten - Self-Assessing and Improving Your Performance Maturity

    Become the leader you most want to be

    Neal teaches you how to assess your performance and focus on best areas for improvement. (3 PDUs)

  • - Neal Whitten - Lessons Learned

    Neal Whitten - Top Ten Mistakes in Conducting Lessons Learned

    Raise your game in conducting lessons learned

    Neal highlights the 10 most harmful mistakes to avoid so you can improve your learning skills. (2 PDUs)

  • - Neal Whitten - Work-Life Balance

    Neal Whitten – Achieving the Elusive Work-Life Balance

    Learn to create a personally meaningful life

    Neal helps you understand the importance of life balance and shares tips for making changes that last. (2.5 PDUs)

  • - Neal Whitten - Difficult People

    Neal Whitten - Dealing With Difficult People: 25 Tips to Stay in Control

    Develop strategies for staying in control

    Neal presents 25 actions you can take to effectively manage encounters with difficult people. (3.5 PDUs)

  • - Neal Whitten - Building

    Neal Whitten – 25 Actions to Build Your Self-Confidence

    Take steps to become more confident

    Neal reveals 25 actions that teach you to build and maintain your self-confidence. (3.5 PDUs)

  • EVM Fundamentals

    Fundamentals of Earned Value Management

    Understand the elements of earned value

    Learn how the components of EVM are used to show the overall picture of a project’s progress. (5 PDUs)

  • Risk Fundamentals

    Risk Management Fundamentals

    Understand the framework of risk management

    A real-life case study is used to introduce you to the best practices of risk management. (5 PDUs)

  • Applied Risk

    Applied Risk Management

    Take away practical tools for managing risk

    Learn to apply practical approaches, tools, and techniques for managing risk. (6 PDUs)

  • Planning Risk

    Project Planning - Risk Management

    Build a realistic risk management plan

    Provides plan templates, example content, and Probability and Impact analysis tools. (2 PDUs)

  • Planning Communications

    Project Planning - Communications & Stakeholder Management

    Create communications and stakeholder management plans

    Provides plan templates, example content, and stakeholder analysis tools. (2 PDUs)

  • Stakeholder Analysis

    Stakeholder Analysis

    Learn the proper strategy for managing stakeholders

    Describes approaches to stakeholder management and walks you through a case study. (1 PDU)

  • Customer Requirements

    Collecting Customer Requirements

    Learn common mistakes and how to avoid them

    Explains the SMART Test and gives an exercise teaching ways to ensure each requirement passes. (1 PDU)

  • Senior Management

    Communicating with Senior Management

    6 areas of performance evaluation you need to know

    Identifies ways senior management is evaluating you and offers tips for avoiding mistakes. (1 PDU)

  • Project Control

    Controlling the Project

    Understand change management and avoid scope creep

    Learn methods for controlling your project, including the best ways to report to customers. (1 PDU)

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