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Courses Included in the PDU Passport

Pick from any of our high-quality and engaging PDU courses below. Our subject matter experts created courses that are not only educational, but perfectly aligned with the PMI Talent Triangle™, making our PDU Passport an easy way to earn all your PDUs while improving in your profession.

  • Introduction to Project Management Fundamentals
  • Best Practices in Project Management
  • Collecting Customer Requirements
  • Communicating with Senior Management
  • Communications Excellence: Driving Project Success
  • Complete Your Talent Triangle With Velociteach
  • Controlling the Project
  • Preparing Project and Program Leaders for Organizations of the Future: Foundations
  • Developing and Applying Effective Work Breakdown Structures
  • Fundamentals of Earned Value Management
  • Fundamentals of Schedule Network Diagramming
  • Overview of Lean Business Analysis
  • Lessons from Top PMs
  • Mastering Scope & Requirements Management
  • Achieving The Elusive Work-Life Balance
  • Six Things to Remember When Your Client Changes Direction
  • 7 Steps to Successful Conflict Management
  • 17 Top Reasons Why Projects Fail and What You Can Do to Avoid Failure
  • 25 Actions to Build Your Self-Confidence
  • Are You Too Soft?
  • Behaviors That Lead To Exceptional Performance
  • Behaviors to Master When Dealing With Your Leaders
  • Build a Better Team: 54 Real-Life Scenarios
  • Dealing With Difficult People: 25 Tips to Stay in Control
  • Effective Mentoring: Top 40 Q&As for a Successful Experience
  • Effective Time Management to Getting More Done Every Day
  • Escalate Is Not a Dirty Word
  • Self-Assessing & Improving Your Performance Maturity
  • Surveying Client Satisfaction: Gauging Project Success
  • Top 10 Mistakes In Conducting Lessons Learned
  • What Makes a Team Member Valuable?
  • Project Planning - Communications and Stakeholder Management
  • Project Planning - Quality Management
  • Project Planning - Risk Management
  • Project Planning - Schedule Management
  • Project Planning - Scope Management
  • Project Stories: LakePoint
  • Project Stories: MRAP Vehicles
  • Risk Management Fundamentals
  • Applied Risk Management
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • The Strategy of Project Selection
  • Project Productivity Killers
  • From a Good Project Manager to a Great Leader
  • CRAVE Your Goals! Motivate Your Team and Get Things Done
  • Essential Tips for Effective Negotiation Skills
  • How to Lead Successful Change Management
  • The Introverted Leader: Leading a Team in Today's Extroverted Workplace
  • Crash Course in Agile Scrum
  • Fundamentals of Agile
  • How to Know When Agile Isn't the Right Tool for the Job
  • Drive Innovation with Disruptive Thinking
  • Leading with Ethical Intelligence: Five Principles for Making the Right Decisions Every Time
  • Risk Management: Practical Application and Tools
  • Communications Planning and Management
  • Effective Project and Program Status Reporting
  • Hire the Best: Strategies, Tools and Tips for Hiring Top Talent
  • Attracting Top Talent: First Contact
  • Managing Millennials & Gen Z: Demystifying and Engaging Modern Talent
  • Remote Agile Delivery
  • The End of the PMO (as we know it)

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Wendy B.
Fantastic product. Worth every penny.

The Velociteach passport is the best tool to help maintain your PMI certification. Timely, informative courses that are fun and relevant to listen to and learn from. I have purchased this course package twice. I highly recommend the PDU Passport to everyone who has a PMP.

John B.
Excellent resource for new and experienced PMPs

Thank you for providing the PDU Passport. It is the optimal way to access the entire library of Velociteach courses. It pays for itself both in terms of the lessons learned as well as the ability to ensure your PDU requirement is met with each renewal cycle. The Neil Whitten courses are highly recommended. Excellent resource and kudos to the Velociteach team.


I have benefitted from the content of the PDUs made by Velociteach. Great education on Velociteach developed by project management veterans who are sharing with the world their on the ground hard won experience within a nice presentable structure! The project management discipline is a young field and quite complex for being the playing field of competing hard and soft sciences. I encourage Velociteach to keep adding newer and wider materials to their educational assets. Ali Moharrer

Sandra M.
Most Relevant and Organized PM Education

I was looking for courses that would really enhance my capabilities as a PM, while at the same time providing access to earn the required PDUs. The passport program is excellent, not only in content, but delivery and ease of access to many relevant topics facing PM's today. I highly recommend Velociteach PDU Passport for new and experienced PMs!

Jeff W.
Exactly what I was looking for

I was looking for a package containing a wide variety of topic, and depths to those topics, in PDU-generating courses.

I had taken some courses from Velociteach previously, so was a slightly worried there would not be enough of a variety of remaining available through the PDU Passport Annual. But once I looked through the offering, it was exactly what I was looking for and the breadth of classes was great.

Additionally, the Annual gives me flexibility to take the classes I want when I can - which is doubly-great in this wfh environment.

The classes I have taken via the PDU Passport Annual have all been at the high quality bar I have come to expect from Velociteach.

PDUs: 193.50

Once you purchase the PDU Passport, you will have unlimited access to all our PDU courses. It does NOT include exam prep courses, live classes or other Velociteach products and services.

  1. Episode 133 – Scenario Planning - Disaster Proof your Projects
  2. Unlock Potential: Push Decision Making Down
  3. Episode 132 – Women Led Construction Projects
  4. Episode 131 –Solutions for Extraordinary Productivity
  5. How Can I Avoid Project Failure?

PMI Talent Triangle™

  • Leadership PDUs: 94.75
  • Technical PDUs: 63.75
  • Strategic PDUs: 35

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does it work?

    It’s easy! Once your purchase the PDU Passport, you can log into your account, see all of our PDU courses and access them right there on your home page. Access begins as soon as you make your purchase – no other steps necessary. All courses are self-paced and available 24/7, so you can earn your PDUs at your convenience. Best part? When we add a new course, it will automatically show up in your account! Checkout the latest course list here.

  • What happened to the old PDU Passport subscription offering?

    We no longer offer an annual auto renew subscription to the PDU Passport. We now offer the PDU Passport access in either a 6-month or 12-month duration. When your access expires, simply repurchase the PDU Passport.

  • Will I have access to all courses?

    You will have access to all of InSite’s Mobile Learning PDU Courses. The PDU Passport does not include Exam Prep material. Checkout our full PDU course list here, or click here to browse our PMP Exam Prep courses (sold separately.)

  • Why don't I see the Complete Talent Triangle Bundle (or any bundle) listed as included with the PDU Passport?

    The bundles we offer (such as the Complete Your Talent Triangle Bundle) are simply a discounted way to purchase multiple courses we have in our library. The PDU Passport provides you with access to every PDU course in our library, including those comprised in our bundles. You can find the individual courses that make up any bundle listed here, and you can even Build Your Own PDU Bundle here.

  • Can I get all of my PDUs through InSite?

    Yes, you can! All of our InSite courses qualify for Professional Development Units (PDUs) through PMI®. We’ve aligned them to meet the requirements of the PMI Talent Triangle™ making it easy for you to submit them with PMI®. We’ve created step-by-step instructions to claiming your PDUs here.

  • Will I get a Certificate of Completion for each course completed?

    Yes! Once you have completed a course, you can generate a Certificate of Completion. For security purposes, the name on the account is the only name that can be printed on your Certificates of Completion. If you legally change your name, you can call our Operations Team @ (888) 568-2527 to update your account information.

  • Can I use a promo code for the PDU Passport?

    No. The PDU Passport is already deeply discounted and cannot be combined with any promotional offers.

  • Is there special pricing for bulk purchases or corporate discounts?

    If you are purchasing a bulk order of PDU Passports, please call our Customer Support Team @ (888) 568-2527 to discuss customized group rates.

  • Can I share my subscription with others?

    No, sharing your InSite access is not allowed. The subscription is for use by only one person. Think of it like buying a seat on an airplane. Only one person per seat. (Unless traveling with an infant!)

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